Enterprise Ecommerce Comparison: A Much-Needed Clarity to the Decision-Making Process

Enterprise Ecommerce Comparison

Decisions are important. Every now and then, we are making settlements. While, small decisions have a minimum impact on us, big ones are more impactful. And if you own an ecommerce online store, chances are the choice of enterprise ecommerce software does matter for you and your business.

How to Make Right Decision between Top Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms?

Many would assume BigCommerce and Shopify as almost identical players. Yes, they both are hosted solutions. They both are user-friendly and offer robust technology to run shopping cart.

However, getting into the nitty-gritty of it would help you find more details.


Both are known to bring usability in your internet business. To establish and run an online store is no more a hard journey. Being the most user-friendly platform, Shopify is a champion in bringing ease to users. Yet, no enterprise Ecommerce platform can compete against it except BigCommerce. Their intuitive interface, and a simple inventory management system along with no coding skills required, is some benefits that make the choice easier for customers.


Ecommerce website themes are useful tools. Since not everyone is good at making website, or tweaking ecommerce website design, it is better to opt for enterprise ecommerce software that can help you in bringing the best. Shopify’s themes are quite professional and many users are getting help from them for their alluring website. On the other hand, with BigCommerce platform you have to put some customization efforts into it (that many are unable to do). For this reason, people who don’t have advanced design skills are likely to choose Shopify over BigCommerce.

Marketing and SEO

SEO-friendly URLs, online coupons, promotional banners, wish lists and gift certificates are some broad marketing strategies that BigCommerce offers to their merchants. Shopify is far from it. They feature online store apps at affordable prices. Often users get impressed from Shopify’s potential in terms of SEO-friendliness. It is packed small yet powerful.

Shipping Options

BigCommerce makes sure items get delivered worldwide by means of top shipping carriers. FedEx, UPS and eWay are some well-known companies shipping for BigCommerce merchants. On the contrary, Shopify shipping system is a bit limited. Good thing is they are working on this drawback.

Final decision

Mull over all the perks and drawbacks and then make your final decision.

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